“Lion Rock”, a mountain in the Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong, is an iconic landmark that carries special meaning to the locals. It represents the “can-do spirit” of Hong Kong people that helped turn Hong Kong into the metropolis it is today. Riding on to the same spirit, the Group’s business has diversified into an international one with printing facilities in China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.
Lion Rock Group, formerly called the 1010 Printing Group Limited, was founded in 2005 by a management team with substantial experience in the international book printing trade. The group, with an annual sales turnover exceeding US$180 million, is one of the world’s leading print partners to international text book and illustrated book publishers. .

Lion Rock Group is the parent company to 1010 Printing International, a premier printer with 600,000 square feet of factory space in China; COS Printers and Papercraft located in Singapore and Malaysia respectively; the OPUS Group, an Australian print management and solutions company mainly serving the domestic Australian market; and print management group comprising Asia Pacific Offset and Regent Publishing Services.

Over the years, the Group has continued to invest in upgrading its fleet of machinery to meet increasing demand. The spacious setting of our printing facilities allow high volume warehousing especially for stocking paper to leverage on the volatile commodity prices and fast turnaround of large projects.

The Group aims to maintain long standing business relationships with leading publishers, content providers and print media companies to become their preferred print partner. A proprietary ERP system was built to facilitate the real-time flow of information among different departments. Another focus of the Group is to retain a skilled and stable production workforce to ensure quality, fast and on-time order delivery.

To work with international book publishers, it is crucial that our operations comply with stringent industry standards on process, environmental controls and social responsibility.

Presently, our group has 30 offices and manufacturing sites worldwide:
Our Subsidiaries: